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Online drug trades are one of the many markets that are taking advantage of the Internet. This particular market is sophisticated and highly competitive because sellers have very creative ways of presenting their products for people to buy research chemicals online. Statistics by the Guardian state that there are several flourishing British websites selling cannabis and several times more selling other types of drugs.

New drugs on the Internet

Leading research chemical sellers promise the best customer service, pure products, and exceedingly fast deliveries. Most online sellers will list more than fifteen different types of drugs and easy one-click payments. Sophisticated sellers like RC Meds can guarantee fast courier services because we have experience with the legalities of all our products.

Is it illegal to order research chemicals?

Sellers navigate the legal laws surrounding certain products by advertising their items as pure laboratory chemicals. The advantageous bit of these chemicals is that they do have informal human experimentation that led to the harm or death of candidates used for the process.

Research chemicals are the invention of a Californian biochemist who was an expert advisor of the US Drug Enforcement Agency. His license allowed him to experiment with the creation of several other mind-altering drugs. The physician tested the drugs on himself and several willing participants before publishing the recipe on two biochemical documents of the 90s. The cookbooks are now the backbone of many research chemicals in the current market.

It is, therefore, logical to state that research chemicals are a legitimate form of prescription drugs. Their original purpose was to design pharmaceutical medications with minimal side effects. Other organizations later altered the original formulas to produce other stimulants, that are on sale for their recreational purpose.

Types of new designer drugs online


These are highly stimulating drugs that mimic the effect and look of Marijuana. They bind to brain receptors that trigger the production of relaxing psychedelic effects. The reaction is, however, unpredictable because the drugs have minimal lab tests. It is essential to limit your frequency of use so that your body can grow customization to the effect.


These drug model stimulants are naturally present in the khat plant. They have a crystalline structure and a brown or white coloring that gives them the illusion of jewelry. The stimulation causes an acute increase in focus and confidence to promote sociability. Our list of cathinone includes several types, such as the following:

  • Butylone
  • Methylone
  • Methdrone
  • Mephedrone
  • Ethylone



Several research chemicals mimic the effect of psychedelics by inducing hallucinations and mixed emotions. Our forms will have labels such as

  • 2C-I
  • TMA-2
  • 4-HO
  • 2-CEC
  • 2-FMA
  • 2-NMC

Designer psychedelics cause visionary and auditory illusions that may be overwhelming to a beginning user.

Who can buy them?

Research chemicals are only available to clients who have attained the age of twenty-one. This requirement frees the seller of any liabilities and ensures that the buyer is aware of the consequences of making a purchase.

How to buy research chemicals online

Our site has a straightforward purchasing process that allows you to add items to the cart with one click. We have a discrete shipping setup that will guarantee your safety throughout the transit.


Buy Research Chemicals Online