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Stop by CBD Seed Mart online when shopping for CBD seeds. We’re pleased to make available hemp seeds for sale that are high in CBD and CBG, with an extremely low THC content. If you’re growing hemp specifically for its CBD properties, you’ll find our seeds are perfect for your growing needs. Quality is not always apparent when buying hemp seeds- before you buy seeds, check out inventory for non feminized, feminizes, and auto flower high CBD weed seeds.

5 Reasons to Buy CBD Seeds From Us

1. We’ve done all the work, obtaining proper documentation and licensing and registering our inventory with each state requiring CBD seeds to be registered. We make it easier for our customers to buy seeds online versus driving to a faraway seed bank to obtain seeds. Shopping from our website can result in significant savings; you’ll love our selection, as well.

2. In a word: convenience. Browse our CBD seeds online and select seeds for your indoor or outdoor garden that are easy to grow and will produce a bountiful harvest. Our strains include:

  • Acid Rock Non Feminized CBD Seeds
  • Cherry 1 Non Feminized CBD Seeds
  • Berry Blossom Feminized CBD Seeds
  • Spectrum Feminized CBD Seeds
  • Black Jack (Wife Trump) Feminized CBD Seeds
  • Pivot CBD Auto Flower Seeds
  • North West Strain Feminized CBD Seeds
  • And many, many others!

3. Quality seeds. If you want a high germination rate and fast-growing plants, look no further for a place to buy high CBD seeds. With so many seed sellers flooding the market, it can be challenging knowing who to buy from. Check our reviews online and our impeccable reputation in the hemp seed community to see why we’re the right choice when it’s time to restock your seed supplies.

4. Easy to understand seed compliance. Click the ‘Buyer’ link on our homepage to read about permits and state requirements if you plan to sell CBD seeds in your state. If you’re a grower, your state may require specific compliance actions from you before you can start germination. You’ll find a wealth of information on our website for buyers and suppliers; don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

5. Free growing tips and info. From plant spacing to growing tips, we offer free resources to ensure your success as a hemp grower. CBD hemp seeds require specialized care, which you will find in the buyer’s section of our website. We recommend growing hemp for CBD as a row crop, and offer optimum growing data and field planting layouts, as well

Download our 2020 project planner for free on CBD Seed Mart or contact our support team at 1-310-GET-SEED for more information. We want to make it easy to buy CBD seeds that consistently germinate well, grow quickly, and yield a high return on your investment. Place an order from our website and you’ll become a customer for life. We are registered and state compliant for your protection.

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