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Lake Mary Medical Marijuana Doctors Office

Winter Park Pain Management is a preeminent Lake Mary medical marijuana doctors office, and we help patients suffering from cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, PTSD, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, etc., lead an improved quality of life. With highly effective Indica and Sativa strains, we mitigate pain and improve your overall wellness.

Difference between our medical marijuana, regenerative medicine, and pain management doctors office

At our medical marijuana doctors' office, our certified MJ doctor reviews your symptoms, medical records and may conduct a physical exam to diagnose your health condition. Our doctor will then provide you with a prescription for medical cannabis and submit your application to the state of Florida for an MJ card.

As a part of our regenerative medicine office, we offer prolotherapy, stem cell therapy, and platelet-rich plasma therapy to repair, regrow, and replace damaged tissues and organs in your body. At our pain management doctor's office, we help our patients manage chronic pain conditions with the help of joint injections, spine injections, nerve block, and botox injections, as they reduce pain levels significantly.

How much is a medical card in Florida?

On average, the cost of a doctor's recommendation visit can range between $250 and $300. The Florida Department of Health requires patients to visit a state-approved physician registered with the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use to become eligible for an MJ card. Be sure to look for medical marijuana doctors in Lake Mary, FL, to get certified for MJ cards.

The price for an office visit to one of the Lake Mary marijuana doctor clinics can vary depending upon where you live and your medical insurance coverage. Once you receive a Medical Marijuana recommendation from one of the certified marijuana doctors, you must pay the associated costs to get in the State's Office of Medical Marijuana Use patient registry. Once your name goes into the registry, you will have to pay a $75 fee for the medical marijuana card to the Florida Department of Health.

Benefits of choosing our Orlando MJ doctor for pain management

Marijuana for pain management is a highly effective treatment that offers lasting results. Here are some of the benefits of choosing an MJ doctor for chronic pain:

  • An MJ doctor can prescribe the right type, form, and dosage of cannabis to help you manage pain. This will promote better sleeping patterns and improved overall quality of life.
  • The use of medical cannabis to overcome pain is relatively safe, rarely presents any side-effects, and is a non-invasive treatment approach when compared to traditional medical care.
  • When you meet with a medical marijuana doctor, they can offer proof of medical condition and help you apply for a medical card, which you can use for up to 30 weeks to buy cannabis legally at dispensaries.

Schedule your appointment with one of the treatment experts at our Lake Mary Medical Marijuana Doctors Office today. Visit our website or call (407) 644-3509 for appointments at Winter Park Pain Management. We are one of the top cannabis clinics in Lake Mary with an experienced team of doctors and highly rewarding treatment outcomes.

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