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After the legalization of marijuana and its derivative products in several states, the market for CBD products has been booming. People finally recognize the mental and physical health benefits of CBD. At Minnesota Hempdropz, our Maplewood MN hemp store, you will find an impressive array of CBD products. From gummies to e-juice, we’ve got you covered.

What’s the difference between CBD and medical marijuana?

CBD refers to cannabidiol, a chemical belonging to a larger group of compounds called cannabinoids. Marijuana refers to the consumable products of the Cannabis Sativa plant, such as its dried leaves and flowers.

The Cannabis plant contains numerous types of cannabinoids, the most prevalent ones being CBD and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is a potent psychoactive compound that is the most abundant cannabinoid in the Cannabis plant. Hence, the effects you experience during marijuana consumption, such as the psychological highs, increased appetite, and jitteriness is mainly down to THC.

Scientists discovered that CBD behaves differently when isolated than when contained in the cannabis plant. Because THC is more abundant in marijuana than CBD, the effects of THC will always trump those of CBD, so you barely notice its effects during marijuana smoking.

CBD has, in fact, proven to have very promising health benefits. It has done well in studies for pain relief among cancer, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia patients. Researchers believe it could be a great alternative to those that are dependent on opiate-based pain killers.

So, the difference between CBD products in the market and marijuana is that marijuana has all the cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD products contain isolated cannabidiol, which means it does have any other cannabinoids commonly found in marijuana, such as THC.

Where can I find CBD products?

As CBD is not a psychoactive compound like THC, there are less legal restrictions for its products. In states that have legalized medical marijuana, more and more CBD stores are popping up. They offer health-based products such as oils and capsules for those with certain medical conditions that can be effectively treated by marijuana or its derivatives like CBD.

The great thing with CBD compared to marijuana is that manufacturers are more inventive with the products they’ve created. If you don’t like capsules, you can find gummy bears made with CBD. At our Maplewood MN hemp shop, you will find CBD products such as:

  • Gummy Bears- Mostly for treating anxiety and improving sleep
  • Creams- Applied topically for pain relief
  • CBD Oil- Applied topically to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Tinctures- Similar to oils, tinctures are perfect for pain relief in joints or muscles
  • E-juices for vaping

What are the psychological benefits of CBD products?

Many people have found CBD products such as gummy bears and capsules, to be very effective in improving their anxiety and sleep. Some have even used them to manage depression (consult your doctor if you want to try this).

CBD is available in a variety of forms that will suit your preferences. Minnesota Hempdropz, our Maplewood MN hemp store, has a versatile CBD product range including gummies and creams.

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