Blake Ablelard is a 29 year old music producer and audio engineer from California. Blake has made a splash as a cast member on a reality series on TV.
jasmin lahtinen
Jasmin Lahtinen is a Finnish model who has made a prominent space as a cast member on a reality series on TV. Jasmin was born in 1992 in Finland, where she grew up with her sister, Janet.
Courtney Paige Nelson is a musician, actress, writer, and model! She is best known for her appearance as a contestant on America's Next Top Model season 23. Courtney is also currently in the works to release her first album this January! She is super excited to implement EVO3 products into her daily routine.
eric beckerman
Eric Beckerman is a well-known actor and YouTuber. He first made his debut as an actor on MyMusic and later booked roles for F*&% the Prom and WitchHaven. Eric is ready to implement EVO3 Oils throughout his daily routine.
kirpa sudick
Kirpa Sudick is a famous reality star who has gained fame for her appearance on The Bachelor. She debuted during season 23 in 2019 alongside Colton Underwood, and finished in fifth place overall! She is now a proclaimed actress and model. Kirpa couldn't stop raving about EVO3 Oils and can't wait to include it in her lifestyle.
allen maldonado
Allen Maldonado is a multi-talented actor, writer, and entrepreneur. He is best known for his roles as Curtis on Blackish and Bobby in The last O.G. He recently finished his second season as a full-time writer on the hit Starz series, Survivor's Remorse. Allen is a big fan of CBD products and can't wait to show off EVO3 Oils!
Katie welch
We had the talented Katie Welch stop by the office, and she fell in love with our products! Katie is a singer-songwriter best known for her original songs, "Tan Lines" and "The Weight of It All."
Katherine steele
Katherine Steele is an American Actress, T.V. host, and YouTuber best known for her musical theater audition tips, techniques, and Theatre Thursday industry discussion web series. She is excited to use EVO3 Oils and couldn't stop speaking about our brand.