why evo3

At EVO3 we take great pride in offering high-quality, all-natural, pure full spectrum and THC-free broad spectrum CBD products to the community. Our business practices are built on honesty and transparency. We value our customers and our reputation, and we strive to gain your trust.

EVO3 has its roots in Greece, where our business began as a passion project to provide the world with good quality, honest, and socially responsible olive oil. We have dedicated ourselves to changing the world for the better by respecting our environment with sustainable farming practices, promoting health with high quality all-natural products, and sharing straight forward information with our consumers to not only educate you but to include you in our plight to better the industry. Our journey to promote a healthy lifestyle using natural, sustainable products has led us into the world of CBD.

Our organic source hemp is sustainably grown in The United States. Industrial hemp has one of the lowest ecological footprints in agriculture. It enriches the soil, requires very little water, uses more CO2 than it produces, and is naturally pest-resistant, so there is no need for pesticides or other chemicals. We use every part of the hemp plant: fibers are extracted from the stalks, the seeds are pressed for oils, and our extracts are derived from the leaves and flowers rich in cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids.

Our CBD is extracted from the natural hemp plants in state-of-the-art labs using the most modern technologies available. We use safe extraction processes to draw out the cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and other phytonutrients that go into our full spectrum CBD products.

Some of this extract then goes through a purification process in which the THC is removed for our broad spectrum CBD products. Many of the helpful synergistic compounds found in hemp are often lost during purification. We take our CBD oils a step further by boosting them with a special blend of nutrients to rebuild the natural profile of whole plant hemp. The final extract is very high quality and extremely pure, containing only CBD and the other natural synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes found in the source hemp.

You don’t have to take us on our word that we are offering the highest quality. We publicly display our third-party lab analyses; you can see for yourself the purity and potency of our CBD products. We also strive to provide you with as many educational resources as we can so that you can make educated decisions about how to incorporate CBD into your life.

We welcome you into the EVO3 community with open arms, and we are excited to offer you a gateway into a world of better health and better quality of life. If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like to share your story we encourage you to contact us.