Full Spectrum CBD

Whole plant CBD, the way nature intended. Contains CBD, trace amounts of THC, terpenes, and more.

3rd party lab tested, 100% Natural, non-gmo

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THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD

CBD is purified to remove THC, then boosted with a special blend of nutrients to rebuild the natural profile of whole plant hemp.

3rd party lab tested, 100% Natural, non-gmo

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CBD Oil For Pets

Animals can benefit from CBD just like humans do. Our CBD Oil For Pets is unflavored and suitable for all types of animals.

3rd party lab tested, 100% natural, non-gmo

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EVO3 has been a pioneer in the olive oil industry for more than 50 years. We couldn’t be more proud of the products we’ve made and the impact we’ve had on both people and our planet, but we believe our journey is really just beginning.

Now as the country turns its attention to a new kind of oil, EVO3 is on the forefront of yet another industry - CBD. We look forward to applying our decades of expertise and dedicating our resources to produce the finest in CBD oils and CBD products.

Fueled by our belief in the healing power of CBD and our mission to help change lives, we are pouring our passion and hearts into CBD.

It's time to revolutionize CBD


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I have been using EVO products for awhile now, and I can say with full honesty that they are the best products I have found to help me manage the pain associated with my lupus. I have tried many other 'remedies' to help conquer the pain from the chronic inflammation from the rheumatoid arthritis i have developed as a symptom of my lupus. I have had this condition since the mid 70's and nothing has been able to either mask or take away the pain. When John suggested I try his products, I was skeptical, of course. I've tried so many products that didn't work, that i thought 'ok, sure, I'll add this to the others'. Much to my surprise, within minutes of using the Muscle Rub, I had absolutely NO PAIN!!! And that wonderful sensation of being pain free lasted around 18 hours! I can not say enough about the pain relieving powers of this fabulous product. I am going to try all the other EVO3 products I can find. I strongly suggest that you do, too.

Nancy Vella

EVO3 CBD oils had worked great for the arthritis and inflammation in my hands. After using EVO3 CBD oils for a few weeks, it even helped with the inflammation in my aching joints with my feet and legs, that come from prolonged sitting. I would highly recommend EVO3 CBD oils to anyone who has arthritis, swelling and aching joints. I’m living proof that EVO3 CBD oils really work.

Mr. W. Ybarbo JR