THC-Free CBD for Cats with Nausea

For many cats, even a quick car ride to the vet’s office can induce debilitating motion sickness leading to nausea and vomiting. Fortunately, feline owners are now unlocking the powerful benefits fits of cannabinoid, or CBD for cats with nausea. At EVO3, our company takes great pride in delivering a safe, THC-Free, full-spectrum cat motion sickness CBD oil, which we obtain through an advanced CO2 extraction process. This process helps ensure the efficient extraction of the highest-quality phytonutrients from each plant and provides a superior-quality product.

non-GMO and gluten free

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Top-Quality CBD Oil for Feline Motion Sickness

Our unique CBD for cats with nausea uses all-natural ingredients and is entirely free of artificial flavors, additives, pesticides and preservatives. Pets love the taste of our blend which uses salt, dehydrated parsley and other natural ingredients. Also, each of our CBD oils come from top-quality hemp plants grown in the United States through sustainable, eco-friendly farming practices. Customers across the nation trust the EVO3 team to deliver the highest-grade products which are:

Produced using only top-quality ingredients

Legal across all 50 states

Free from trace amounts of THC

Gluten-free, non-GMO and non-chemical based

Crafted from a safe and efficient CO2-based extraction process free of solvents

Well-suited for cats, dogs, horses, birds, rodents, reptiles and more

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My husband was diagnosed with early stages of Dementia 11 months ago and was given Aracep medication to help with his symptoms. The medication only made his symptoms worse, along with stomach aches, dizziness and more confusion…We opted to try the EVO3 CBD oils instead of prescription drugs.

My husband has his quality of life back, he’s more like himself, It gave him energy to enjoy life, without promoting depression. He has no dizziness, stomach pains or confusion and it has grounded him mentally, so that he can think for himself… I myself, being his caregiver, also take EVO3 CBD oils, because I was under a tremendous amount of stress, to the point, I was headed towards having a stroke..

To anyone who needs help physically, mentally, etc. we highly recommend EVO3 CBD oils, because it has made our lives healthier and happier…

Mrs. C. Gutierrez

EVO3 CBD oils had worked great for the arthritis and inflammation in my hands. After using EVO3 CBD oils for a few weeks, it even helped with the inflammation in my aching joints with my feet and legs, that come from prolonged sitting. I would highly recommend EVO3 CBD oils to anyone who has arthritis, swelling and aching joints. I’m living proof that EVO3 CBD oils really work.

Mr. W. Ybarbo JR

At EVO3, helping your pets lead healthier, more active lifestyles is our passion. In addition to utilizing CBD oil for feline motion sickness, our products may help your furry companions experience relief from conditions such as pain, anxiety, arthritis, low appetite, skin allergies and more. Best of all, pets love the delicious flavor which owners can easily add to food or apply on treats. To ensure optimal dosing, be sure to calculate 1 mg of our CBD oil for every 10 pounds of your pet’s weight. We also provide a new user guide full of additional information on using our products to gain maximum effectiveness.


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Do you have questions or want more information about our full-spectrum CBD extracts and other products? Then reach out to our team today by calling 281-733-1152 or by email at [email protected]. When addressing a health concern in your pets, be sure to consult with a licensed veterinarian and ask about using CBD oil as a treatment option or dietary supplement.

In addition to our commitment to delivering first-rate products for our customers, EVO3 is helping contribute to a brighter tomorrow by devoting a portion of our sales to help plant trees across deforested areas of Africa.