How to Explore Outside of Your Comfort Zone 2020

Expand on Your Hobbies 

Now, almost everyone has a hobby. Unfortunately, our busy schedules and life can get in the way of exploring our hobbies. To help you step out of your comfort zone this year, it’s important to dedicate free time each week to the hobbies you love. This can be done by organizing your schedule at the start of each week, so you can allocate time to exploring your hobbies. 

After creating a schedule, it’s important to switch things up. You can expand your hobbies by taking new classes or submitting to different competitions to help showcase your work. All in all, this is a great way to step outside of your comfort zone and explore the things that excite you in life! 

Meet New People 

Meeting new people is a great way to step outside of your comfort zone. Aside from your regular friend group, aim to meet different people that also share similar interests as you do. You can meet people in your new classes, attend concerts, or even join a local meetup group in the area. Following these steps will help you step outside of your comfort zone because your mind can be challenged and also encouraged by other people around you to achieve newfound goals. 

Never Second Guess Yourself 

Overthinking can stop us from achieving some of our goals. To step outside your comfort zone, it’s important to stand firm in your decisions and never look back. Life is all about challenges, although things may not seem easy in the beginning, with challenge comes change. So, once you decide to join a new class, meetup group, or attend an interesting event during the weekend, don’t step down. Become accountable in all your decisions, and make a list of goals you plan to achieve each week. Make a promise to yourself to place effort toward the things that you love, so you can see results.