Helpful Migraine Tips

Minimize Lighting 

Once a migraine begins or you feel one on the way, try to minimize the lighting in your area. Research shows that sensitivity to light may cause frequent migraines. Turn off the lights in your room or close the blinds and try to create a noise-free environment. Doing this helps establish a peaceful atmosphere to promote sleep. Research shows that sleep allows the brain to release chemicals that reduce inflammation levels to help migraines. Additionally, if your eyes are sensitive to certain lights, avoid bright sunlight and wear UV ray resistant or photochromic glasses to dodge light penetration. 

Use Lavender Scents 

Studies have shown that lavender may help reduce frequent migraines. The soothing properties found in lavender help the body relax by decreasing muscle tension to help promote sleep. Lavender oil can be massaged into the skin, or inhaled when mixed with water. 

Heat and Cold Treatments 

Applying ice on the neck or directly on the head may have a cooling effect to help decrease inflammation by numbing the area. On the other hand, using a heat pack aids in relaxing the muscles to help place the body in the mood of relaxation. Once the body is relaxed, this makes it easier to fall asleep to help reduce the migraine.

Stay Hydrated 

Dehydration can lead to migraines. The body needs water to survive, so when dehydration occurs, there not enough fluids for the body to properly function. As a result, a migraine may occur. Studies show that drinking a glass of water at the onset of a migraine may lower inflammation to help the body recover faster. 

It is important to stay hydrated at all times. During a hot day or high-intensity workout, the body sweats easily, which may result in dehydration. Make sure to always hydrate during and after a workout to replenish the body with fluids to avoid a migraine. 

Prevention is always better than cure. It is important to find certain stress factors or lifestyle habits that trigger your migraines. Practice healthy habits and talk to your doctor if your migraines increase or persist. 

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