How to Make Your Dog Social

Introduce Them to the World 

Taking your dog alongside you to trips to the store, dog park, or just a simple walk is a great way to help make your dog more social. Your dog will slowly get more familiar with things outside their comfort zone, which may help make them curious to learn more. Allow your dog to explore outdoors by playing with or sniffing objects that they may be interested in. If you take your dog to the dog park, allow them to watch other dogs play, so they can begin to get more comfortable in the environment. Once your dog begins to get more comfortable with these settings, don’t be afraid to let them off their leash for a while so they can start to explore their surroundings. Doing this may encourage your dog to interact with other dogs and humans in the long-run. 

Sign-up for Dog Classes 

Signing your pet up for dog classes is a great way to introduce them to other humans and dogs. With dog classes, your pet gets one-on-one interaction with the trainer, which can improve your dog’s sociality and trust with other people. If you notice your dog hesitates at first, don’t be shy to sit in on a class with them. Once you notice your dog becoming more comfortable in the setting and removing their attention from you, allow them to be in the setting without you. 

Stock Up on Treats 

Rewarding your dog with treats is a great way to get them to be more social with other people and pets. Try slowly introducing your dog to other pets or people, and based on their reaction give them a treat. If your dog is receptive to the other pet or human, praise them with a treat. On the other hand, if your dog is not receptive to the things in the setting, remove them for the environment without giving a treat. 

Have Patience 

It is always good to practice patience during this time. Change does not happen overnight, and this process takes practice. If you notice signs that your dog is uncomfortable such as yawning, growling, or panting, quickly remove them from the environment. Stay calm and remember that once you begin to notice a change, your journey will only get smoother. 

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